Together we can make the difference  

We are raising funds to bring legal actions against the corrupt UK establishment and the judicial and public office holders who have been abusing their positions of trust.

It is time to hold them all to account, in the public interest, in the interests of justice and for the good of our country and our future generations. It is time to drain the swamp, to restore the rule of law and to clean up this cesspool of corruption.

Starting from the top and working down

Literally, we will take out the ones at the top to remove the safety net for the ones lower down, starting with the Lord Chancellor, Robert Buckland QC and the Lord Chief Justice, Ian Burnett of Maldon the two responsible for the injustice, through to those in Number 10 and Parliament who turn a blind eye and no longer act in the public interest, the heads of the Insolvency Service, Bar Standards Board and the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

They don't care about the welfare and will of the people, they care only about themselves and lining their own pockets irrespective of performance.

Thousands have lost their homes and businesses, made homeless through the corrupt courts. People are being defrauded wholesale and the police do nothing but refer the victims to a call centre, justice is non-existent. This is not the will of the people and it is not in the public interest to continue down the slippery slope. Drastic action is needed.

If everyone makes a little contribution, we can do a lot.

The issues:

Corruption eats away at the very fabric of society and a culture of dishonest practices runs awash throughout the public sector.

Justice is not being served, the rule of law is being diminished and our judiciary are compromised

The police don’t police, they are soldiers for the corrupt establishment

The regulators don’t regulate

Oppressive attacks on vital services and on the poorest in our society

Years of superfluous austerity cuts by the autocracy has led to the essential services, the NHS, police and local counsels being unable to deliver the quality of service every community requires, the services have gone to the dogs, third world countries do better.

Austerity cuts have directly resulted in the early deaths of more than 200,000 innocent civilians, deprived of the services their tax contributions have been funding, whilst the poorest and those most vulnerable in our society are targeted and stripped of the meagre and already constrained allowances to feed themselves and their families.

Elected representatives are not representing the will of the people

It is not specific to Conservative or Labour the rot is on both sides of the fence. It is gross mismanagement by common purpose civil servants that move on up the ranks who are at fault, those indoctrinated with a culture of corruption and dishonest practices.

It is the leadership at fault, most are morally bankrupt and lack the skills to lead. MPs no longer act in the interests of their constituents or the interests of the nation, yet we are feeding them, keeping them there irrespectively at the expense of the taxpayer.

The courts and judiciary are controlled and unduly influenced

The courts and judiciary are being widely controlled and unduly influenced by political interference, the judiciary are no longer impartial and most of the judges do not administer justice fairly or according to the law, yet this establishment has given them a pay rise of over £60,000 per annum, with the High Court Judges earning more than £260,000 per year, paid courtesy of the taxpayer irrespective of performance. The judiciary are unregulated and unaccountable, they are diminishing the rule of law that underpins our democracy.

Meanwhile, Buckland and Burnett, the two Ministers of our justice system have been promoting judges for following their orders, a system where obeyance is rewarded and non-compliance is penalised, both of which are against the public interest.

Justice subject to status – Not what you know but how much money you have and who you know

Essentially, these kleptocrats operate a taxpayer sponsored criminal racketeering enterprise, weaponizing our courts into places of human rights abuse, fraud and asset stripping. There is one law for them and members of their cabal and a completely different set of persecutory laws for everyone else.

A system of double standards

The orchestrators and their corruptors are provided with impunity and protection from exposure or prosecution, whilst their victims are prevented from ever getting justice. Thousands of innocent parties have been served miscarriages of justice.

The establishment and their executioners have blood on their hands

The taxpayer sponsored state terrorists within our courts and offshoot government departments have blood on their hands. Their acts of corruption over the years has caused more deaths on UK soil than all the Islamic state terrorists combined.

These are the terrorists operating within, stealing people’s homes and businesses, destroying families and their futures with their malicious abuse, hiding behind the façade of the public authorities to inflict their atrocities.

The secret family and insolvency courts, Social Services through to the criminal and civil monetary courts are used as cash cows to feed the gluttonous appetites of lawyers, places of widespread injustice and human rights abuse.

How will it be done

- Private criminal and civil prosecutions in the UK courts managed by our group and grade 3 criminal prosecutor members

-  Overseas action under the Global Magnitsky Accountability Act to take out those that have engaged in corruption and gross human rights violations in abuse of the public’s trust.

-  Exposure with international media engagement and social media campaigns to increase public awareness and to promote the principle of open justice, with running commentaries and live updates for the public on the progress of the prosecutions.

The future of our country is in our hands, we the people are the ones that can make a difference, starting now. The time has come for an invasive legal revolution. Please give as much as you can afford.

All funds will be directly allocated to fighting this cause and bi-yearly accounting reports will be made publicly available on all expenditure of the fund.

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The Lord Chief Justice

Enemies of the people. Ian Burnett of Maldon, known as "Ian from Essex", assumed office on the advice of the corrupt establishment on 2 October 2017. He states:

"Our courts and tribunals could not thrive without the talents and commitment of the judges and magistrates who sit in them,” Burnett said. “The judiciary of England and Wales has earned a well-deserved reputation for being the best in the world.” and he describes the judiciary as "uncorruptable", lies, lies and more lies.   

We have irrefutable evidence that both the Lord Chief Justice and the Lord Chancellor have been unduly influencing the judiciary, promoting them for their acts of corruption and dishonesty when they conform and execute their orders.

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