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Systemic corruption and inter-agency collusion is rife in the UK

Unless you or someone you know has been affected, you may not even know that the UK is systemically corrupt, some may not even know what we are talking about when we say systemic corruption. What we are referring to is grand corruption, endemic and culturally accepted…

The political legal establishment have decimated our Constitution

It is the prerequisite duty of all officers under the Crown, ministers, members of Parliament, judges, police and public officers to act in a constitutionally proper way in the exercise of their duties. That duty includes the responsibility to act according to the Nolan…

Insolvency and its regulators– A racketeering enterprise

In the UK, insolvency is poorly regulated, the principles of the legislation and the primary legislation itself is flawed and is often contradicted by adverse actions of insolvency practitioners and lawyer advocates. Unscrupulous lawyers and office holders use these flaws…
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INVESTIGATION: 5G health and ecological implications - is it all being overlooked? what are the risks?

At Intelligence UK we don’t do conspiracy theories, nor do we publish unless there is factual and proven evidence in support of what we produce. We spent months researching the effects of 5G and generally our findings are, that the signal is not safe and insufficient…

No justice in the courts – The rule of law is being diminished and justice has gone to the dogs

The UK’s justice system is a sham. They pretend to be “whiter than white”, when in reality, they are darker than dark”. The principle of open justice doesn’t really exist, the public haven’t the foggiest idea what’s really going…

The UK establishment are guilty of human rights abuse on a massive scale

In the UK, human rights, the basic civilian rights, are designed to be protected bythe Human Rights Act 1998. If a public authority breaches the rights under the Act, known as Convention Rights, the breach founds an action in remedy. Action for a breach of…