Intelligence UK is a trading name of Stop Corruption UK LLP , a specialist private intelligence agency focused on complex fraud and white collar crime cases. We are here to bridge the gap where austerity cuts have let to drastic reductions in police numbers, resulting in their inability to provide effective service to the communities they support.  Police crime detection rates nationally are shockingly low and often most forces look for excuses not to investigate fraud cases.

Intelligence UK works for the people and act in public interest. In this respect, we describe ourselves as private law investigators with the capacity to prosecute civil fraud and criminal misconduct via our group member specialists and associates that include senior criminal barristers and regular prosecutors in the Crown Courts.

Intelligence UK is here to root out collusion and corruption, focused on those that abuse their positions of trust or act against the public interest We work to identify areas of possible collusion and white-collar crime, drilling down onto the evidence to expose those responsible and to bring them to justice using the fastest means possible in private criminal prosecution at the Central London Courts.

We have investigated multiple high value frauds whereby the perpetrators seek to “bury their opposition” by applying predatory litigation techniques, effectively using the court and many of their corrupt officials as a “cash cow” and means of achieving injustice. We are targeting those perpetrators and bringing justice for the victims.

Unlike public law enforcement who are solely reliant upon the inefficient CPS and 9 – 5 mentality of the public sector and those that are paid irrespective of performance, we have the capability to investigate and litigate cases swiftly, hitting the perpetrators where it hurts with timely executions and deployment of combined investigative and litigation strategies to bring those responsible to justice with little or no wriggle room

How we do what we do and why

Our Company Mission

The mission of Intelligence UK is to become the UK's lead on private intelligence, investigations and prosecutions, dedicated to stamping out domestic corruption and white collar crime, providing a first class highly efficient private law enforcement service to victims of fraud and corruption where the authorities have failed to do so.

We get the justice for our clients, where others have failed.

Our Approach

We adopt an aggressive, strategic and calculated approach to all of our operations. In the modern world, assertivity gets us everywhere. We are highly professional, robust and ruthless in our pursuance of justice and in the gathering of evidence and intelligence that will lead to positive outcomes for our clients.

Our Skillsets

Investigations 100%
Domestic Anti Corruption 100%
Private Prosecutions 100%
HCEO / Bailiff wrongdoing investigations 100%
Asset tracing & debt recovery 100%

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