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It is long established that the UK has a huge corruption problem. Rather than face the issue head on, our establishment tend to conceal and evade, rather than to take positive action in the public interest to tackle the issue and make positive change. This is where Intelligence UK steps in.

The establishment has left nowhere to go for victims of corruption and forms of state terrorism whereby the family and insolvency courts are used as the vehicle from which to defraud and asset strip innocent parties. The criminal courts are failing to do justice and the judiciary are increasingly being controlled by corrupt central government officials. The police are no longer serving the public and are rather, acting as "puppets to the puppet masters", evading their principle duties in investigating and prosecuting crime where other members of the public sector cabal are concerned.

In our learned opinion, we assert that the legal and insolvency professions are totally out of control. Both sectors are poorly regulated and their regulators are unfit for purpose, they lack diligence and they act in many cases to conceal acts of misconduct, corruption and dishonesty to preserve integrity of the professions they advocate. Intentially and sometimes inadvertently through sheer incompetence, the acts in concealment by the public authorities leave victims further traumatised and left in dispair.

Intelligence UK applies our specialist skillsets and knowledge to gather intelligence across a multitude of cases where the public authorities are wilfully failing in duty. We have collated this evidence to bring justice for the victims, targeting the office holders at the top that are responsible for wholesale abuse of the public’s trust.

The Solicitor’s Regulation Authority:

The SRA is a classic example of what we refer to above, more often than not they fail in their duty to investigate misconduct and seek to draw out the complainants so that many lose hope of ever achieving justice and simply give up.

Intelligence UK aims to bring hope to many of those victims, re-investigating the substantive complaints, conducting rigorous due diligence with attention to detail and where we identify breaches of the SRA Code of Conduct or misconduct, we provide comprehensive expert witness reports that can be used as evidence in Court to achieve justice and put right the wrongdoings. We collate intelligence on such cases and take direct action against the poorly regulated authorities where they have wilfully failed in their duty to act where they should have done.

The Bar Standards Board:

Operates in very much the same way as the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority. They appear to be common purpose trained, operating the same tactics in drawing out the complaints to the extent that the complainant loses hope, whilst actively seeking to evade their principle duty to act in the public’s interest to prevent the public from risk of harm caused by their members that actively engage in dishonest misconduct.

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office:

Is, in our opinion the biggest sham entity of all of the common purpose UK authorities. They purport to investigate complaints of misconduct against the judiciary, but they are not legally trained and have no criminal prosecution capability. In essence, they are a team of middles management jobsworths that are trained to reduce the number of complaints against the judiciary, limiting the scope of their investigational capability only to:

• The use of racist, sexist or offensive language
• Falling asleep in court
• Inappropriate use of social media
• Misusing judicial status for personal gain or advantage

It must surely be intentional, because the majority of the judicial misconduct complaints entail bias, outright dishonesty, perverting the course of justice, fraud by abuse of position, spoilation of evidence (meaning the intentional disregard of evidence in a proceeding) and the latter of which we have found to be prevalent throughout a huge number of cases throughout the UK.

When the JCIO cannot or will not investigate (in most cases), because for example the nature of the complaint is criminal, therein lays another roundabout for the victim. The JCIO advises to report to police and the police are trained to inform the complaints that they do not deal with complaints against the judiciary and refer the complaint back to the JCIO. In essence, another smokescreen designed to intentionally frustrate the victim and to ensure that the perpetrators do not get brough to justice.

Intelligence UK applies its specialist and in-depth knowledge of the law and legal proceedings to investigate cases where the JCIO are deliberately failing. We conduct rigorous review and produce detailed reports to identify where there has been judicial misconduct and our reports can be used in the furtherance of both police and provide prosecutions of the perpetrators, bringing justice for the victims where the public authorities have failed.

The Ministry of Justice, HMCTS and Police:

The public are becoming wise to the widespread failure of the MoJ, the Courts and police to act impartially according to the law. Police actively disengage complainants that report potential offences against public office holders. Many seek to hide behind the Memorandum of Understanding between the Law Society and police that seeks to ensure that the Law Society investigates criminal complaints against its members. We assert however that the MOU is unlawful and that the Law Society is not an investigatory body. Many of these mechanisms have been deliberately implemented as a means of concealing the extent of the malfeasance that prevails within the legal sector. Lawyers are using the courts as cash cows and as the means of applying often disproportionately inflated costs whist the judges assist them in doing so.

We have found that across the Country, judges are failing in their duty to remain impartial and to act according to the rule of law. Again, poorly regulated by the common purpose Judicial Conduct Investigations Office, there is nobody to “judge the judges”, aside from the judges themselves and they simply do not. We have found that they simply “cover for the other” and operate as a secret fraternity to do so. Many cannot be trusted and are not worthy of trust.

Intelligence UK conducts diligent and carefully strategised investigation into allegations of judicial corruption, as well as misconduct allegations against police and other public authorities. In our learned opinion, the laws of the United Kingdom are being diminished along with the constitutional principles that underpin our democratic society. We carry out private investigation and intelligence initiatives to target the perpetrators whilst taking independent action to defend the rule of law and to achieve justice for the victims.

Freedom of the press is being compromised:

Freedom of the UK’s press is being compromised in detriment to the interests of the people. Intelligence UK is aware that a major driver of corruption is the failure of the press to publish the correct factual circumstances and to wilfully evade publishing the level of corruption prevalent throughout our justice system and public authorities. We are taking direct action, working with international media to curb this issue, whilst taking case specific action against publishers that engage in this conduct in detriment to the public interest.

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