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UK police corruption, Action Fraud complaints, UK government corruption, insolvency practitioner complaints, insolvency, corrupt uk police
6   June

Corruption, fraud and human rights violations are accustomed in the UK

There is a hypocritical position wherein the establishment is overlooking the UK’s domestic systemic corruption within our justice system. Whilst the establishment expends over £13 billion on foreign aid each year, the UK’s systemic corruption problem spirals out of control and the government conceal from the public what is really going on.

Domestic corruption and a massive increase in fraudulent activity and crimes against civilians are being concealed, advocated and overlooked.

Ian Younger of City of London Police, told us categorically that:"there's no obligation on any police force to investigate any particular crime"

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UK systemic corruption, UK corruption, systemic corruption, courts, judicial, insolvency, public sector
5   June

The fact is that the UK is systemically corrupt

Unless you or someone you know has been affected, you may not even know that the UK is systemically corrupt, some may not even know what we are talking about when we say systemic corruption. What we are referring to is grand corruption, endemic and culturally accepted dishonesty, out of control civil servants and corrupt practices rife throughout

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UK judicial corruption and judicial misconduct investigations
06 Apr

No justice in the courts – The rule of law is being diminished and justice has gone to the dogs

Intelligence UK provides the low down, getting to the nitty gritty of the UK sham justice system that is being unduly influenced by political interference. We have identified sinister goings on within our courts up and down the country.

Judges are failing to act in the interests of justice and have been found to favour the public and private financial institutions, insolvency practitioners and lawyers with whom they are often affiliated. The judicial mechanics are vastly compromised.

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UK insolvency service corruption and fraud
27 Mar

Insolvency law and its regulators– A license to defraud

In the UK, insolvency is poorly regulated and the principles of the legislation and the primary legislation itself is flawed and is often contradicted by adverse actions of insolvency practitioners and lawyer advocates.

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insolvency service corruption and fraud
27 Mar

The public authorities are unaccountable and out of control, the regulators fail to act – Time to enforce the standards

The UK’s public authorities and the sectors they are supporting are failing to act according to the law and in the public interest. Regulators are presiding over widespread corporate failure and complaints are in vein, treated with distain.

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