The UK’s public authorities are rotten to the core with collusion and corrupt practices

Government agencies, prolifically the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority, the Bar Standards Board, the Law Society, HMCTS and the Ministry of Justice, the Courts and the Insolvency Service no longer act in the public interest or in the interests of justice. The MPs that are paid to act for their constituents simply turn a blind eye to complaints, they are interested only in their own personal financial gain and pretend to do the right thing, yet in reality, they do absolutely nothing.

Intelligence UK and our colleagues have gathered a huge amount of evidence across a mass of cases wherein the public authorities and officers under the crown are working at the expense of the taxpayer to deceive the public by concealing instances of widespread dishonesty, corruption, fraud and pedophilia committed by fellow members of the cabal comprising of public officers, MPs, solicitors, barristers and insolvency practitioners.

Inter-agency collusion and fraudulent concealment:

The UK’s courts that are supposed to act to punish and prevent this tyranny do nothing but support it. The judges no longer act to uphold the rule of law or in the interests of justice. On the contrary, they work in collusion to assist the common purpose cabal in covering what are in many cases, serious crimes. Police are unfit for purpose and have neither the resources nor the wherewithal to deal with it. In reality, the police are being controlled by the corrupt establishment to do the same, to deliberately fail to exercise their duties to assist the perpetrators by failing to bring them to justice.

We coin the phrase, “institutionalised collusion” whereby the public authorities are simply an abuse of the public’s trust and most are now criminal racketeering enterprises designed to deceive the public into belief that they are doing the right thing, when in fact their principle aim is to waste time of the complainants and dismiss complaints to assist the offenders.

Freedom of the press is being compromised:

A major driver of this corruption and going hand in hand with fraudulent concealment and collusion is the fact that the UK’s media are controlled by the establishment. Freedom of the press is grossly compromised and the true scale of this corruption is never publicised. It is for that reason we are dedicated to promoting transparency and pushing our own articles out to increase the public’s awareness. The UK’s media are simply deceiving the public, acting effectively as puppets to the puppet masters who control what they want the public to read, often using detraction techniques to steer the public’s attention away from these grossly important constitutional issues. It is all part of the cover up of what is really going on.

Judicial corruption by political interference:

The UK’s justice system suffers extensively from political interference, wherein politicians and other members of the crown employed as civil servants meddle in judicial process and collude with judges to interfere with the proper administration of justice. This is going on wholesale in the UK, but there is no agency in place to prevent or regulate it. The judiciary are self-regulated and of course, when such issue is so widespread, it really is a case of judges investigating themselves. It simply is not going to happen.

Judges and other Ministry of Justice staff are put under duress to rule in favour of powerful political or business entities rather than to act according to the law and in the interests of justice. A malleable judiciary can be used by those in power to provide protection for and lend legitimacy to fraudulent activities. In the UK, the problem is abundant throughout the country. White collar crimes, such as conspiracy to defraud, perversion of the course of justice, racketeering, money laundering and embezzlement are at the heart of these activities that are being controlled by ministers and those at the top of the parliamentary food chain.

The Intelligence UK solution:

It is our steadfast opinion and strategy that the only way to tackle this problem is to deal with it privately, directly and robustly according to the law. The police do not, the public authorities that are tasked with doing so do not, so we made it our mission to investigate and prosecute all officers under the crown that engage in this corruption against the public interest. After many years of intelligence gathering and investigation, our strategy is beginning to yield results.

We shall continue to target the ones at the top of the food chain responsible for these atrocities, to drain the swamp and bring an end to this cesspool of corruption, restoring the rule of law and to restore justice where there was otherwise none, for the good of our country and our future generations.