UK systemic corruption, fraud investigations, insolvency fraud
UK courts corrupt, insolvency, corrupt judges UK, corrupt politicians
UK judicial corruption

Targeting fraud and domestic corruption

Domestic Anti-Corruption Fund 

Together we can make the difference

We are raising funds to bring legal actions against the corrupt UK establishment and the judicial and public office holders who have been abusing their positions of trust.

It is time to hold them all to account, in the public interest, in the interests of justice and for the good of our country and our future generations.

Corruption eats away at the very fabric of society and a culture of dishonest practices runs awash throughout the public sector.

- Justice is not being served, the rule of law is being diminished and our judiciary are compromised

- The police don’t police, they are soldiers for the corrupt establishment

- The regulators don’t regulate  read more

Latest articles

  • The fact is that the UK is systemically corrupt

    Unless you or someone you know has been affected, you may not even know that the UK is systemically corrupt, some may not even know what we are talking about when we say systemic corruption. What we are referring to is grand corruption, endemic and culturally accepted dishonesty, out of control civil servants and corrupt practices rife throughout

    read more
    • Corruption, fraud and human rights violations are accustomed in the UK

      Whilst the establishment expends over £13 billion on foreign aid each year, the UK’s systemic corruption problem spirals out of control and the government conceal from the public what is really going on. Ian Younger of City of London Police, told us categorically that:
      "there's no obligation on any police force to investigate any particular crime"  read more

    • HBOS / Dobb White / Vavasseur frauds - The powerful speech from Anthony Stansfeld, the honourable Police & Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley

      “Before becoming the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley, one of the UK’s largest police forces, I had served worldwide as an Army Officer, worked in intelligence and been a Managing Director of an aircraft manufacturing company with aircraft in 120 countries. I did not expect that as a PCC much would shock me, I was wrong. The scale of corruption within at least four major UK banks, aided and abetted by their legal advisors, auditors and accountants has been on a massive scale. -read more

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