We offer interested parties the opportunity to do something very special. Helping us to grow into the leading private authority in combatting domestic corruption whilst assisting the many victims of crime that would have otherwise never got justice.

Investment is welcome from both the public and private sectors wherein we are raising funds to fight specific high-profile cases as well as our causes, as defined below;

Crowdfunding investment in Intelligence UK causes:

Save our democracy - Anti-corruption crowdfund

We are raising funds to take direct action against ministers who have been abusing the public's trust and taxpayer's funds.  Read more.. 

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We are raising challenges where we have identified fundamental flaws in the insolvency legislation that paves way for widespread fraud against the public interest. We are asking for donations from investors to assist us in funding this litigation.

We are crowd funding to raise a slush fund to fight challenges to policy and legislation to evoke change in the public interest. We have found that the insolvency legislation is wide open to abuse, so we are raising a judicial challenge to the legislation and lobbying with ministers to make changes in the public interest to close the loopholes that are seeking to it that people are losing their homes and assets through misuse of the Insolvency Act 1986 / Insolvency Rules 2016 legislation.

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Case specific investment

We offer investors the opportunity to participate in structured litigation funding in specific cases and offer returns that are pre-negotiated and contractually formulated on a case by case basis. Litigation funding offers private high net worth sophisticated investors the chance to participate in an individual case based upon the written advise on the prospects of success prepared by an independent third party counsel.

SPV Equity investment:

We offer investors the opportunity to particulate in the growth of our global venture wherein we are establishing franchise outlets in multiple jurisdictions to replicate our successful UK model in fighting corruption, fraud and wrongdoing in the public sector where the authorities fail to do so.

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