Kathryn Stone OBE - Parliamentary Standards Commissioner is failing to uphold the standards

Our open letter of today to the Parliamentary Commisioners for Standards

The regulators are failing to regulate, the standards are not being maintained, the ones at the top must be held to account...


You, Ms Stone OBE are supposed to be the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner responsible for regulating standards.

It appears that you have outright failed in both of your roles, the Parliamentary Standards role and that of your role in the Bar Standards Board.

The standards are far departed in the UK, I guess they "went out of the window", along with the rule of law.  Trying to get any accountability from you is like trying to get blood out of a stone (excuse the pun), but it is actually very true. 

I made it expressly clear that there is obvious malfeasance and dishonesty originating from the BSB who seek to, in essence, pervert the course of justice to assist criminals disguised as barristers in evading prosecution. You read all of the emails and failed to respond, giving the stonewalling treatment, contravening the 7 principles of public life that you are supposed to be advocating.   The regulators are advocating criminality and aiding and abetting fraud on a widespread basis, failing in their statutory duty to enforce the standards.

What is the point in a regulator that does not regulate?

What is the point in having standards that are not enforced or adhered to?

What is the purpose of the rule of law when the law is only applied selectively and does not apply to common purpose members of the criminal racketeering enterprise within our public authorities?

What about the Nolan Principles that apply equally to you as they do the abusive dishonest cowardly civil servants within those authorities themselves?

Perhaps you can answer those questions, by return.

Please note, that all of this is being laid at the International Criminal Court wherein the corrupt establishment and many of its key officers have been engaging in a criminal racketeering enterprise in abuse of the public's trust, using the courts as the means to achieve injustice and gross human rights violations.

The UK's courts and police are all compromised and are incapable of administrating justice fairly or impartially.  Those responsible shall be brought to justice in the court of competent jurisdiction, all of them.

We recently produced an article about it, see our website:  The UK establishment are guilty of human rights abuse on a massive scale You should read it carefully before you answer my email.  If I do not have answers from you by return, I shall hold you personally to account for this criminal abuse with the rest of the dishonest cowards of central government and the establishment.

This outright corruption has been going on wholesale for far too long. The perpetrators have grown complacent and they have played games with the wrong parties this time, it will be brought to an abrupt end, in the interests of justice, in the public interest and for the good of our society and our future generations.  
Those responsible shall be made an example of, as a warning to others that may consider trying to follow in their footsteps in the future.   The contents of this email, (notice) shall be made public knowledge, in the public interest and in the interests of justice.  

It is time for the selflessness, integrity, honesty, objectivity, accountability, openness and leadership that you purport to advocate but actually do not.   What a bunch of total and utter hypocrites.

I do hope this makes the position clear and I do hope that you will respond to this email, forthwith, because ignoring is only aggravating the offences.

Yours faithfully,

P. Millinder

Intelligence UK