UK justice is non-existent and law enforcement is a failure – Time for a revolution so let’s invoke Article 61 of the Magna Carta

Lawful Rebellion is fully protected by Constitutional Law. Where the rule of the laws of the United Kingdom are being diminished, misrepresented and contravened, the people must resist.  Article 61 of the Magna Carta is there to protect the people from a tyrannical establishment that abuse its people and the rule of law that underpins our democracy, we must use it.

It is the constitutional right of the people to defend the rule of law and every responsible adult in the United Kingdom must now wake up, smell the coffee and do so, before it is too late.   We must all unite together to fight and resist the corrupt, greed-stricken, self-serving cowards of the establishment who are riding roughshod over our laws and our civilian rights. 

The system is rotten to the core, corrupted by gluttons, officers under the crown who are sponsored by the taxpayer to soak up their own self-worth, the majority are traitors and dishonest state terrorists that are paid irrespective of performance, most need to be jailed or replaced.

The Queen the constitutional head of state sits and observes the tyranny and does nothing.  The Monarch is, essentially in breach of her coronation oath.  It is time for the people to invoke article 61. 

These tyrants have removed the Great from Great Britain, it is time for the people to do something great, to restore it, for the good of our country and our future generations. 

Out with the corrupt establishment, Boris the buffoon and the puppet clowns that dance to his tune.  We need new, independent leadership, elected by the people to act for the people.   It is only the people that can make it happen. They are the 1%, the 99% must unite, spread this message people, let’s make it happen there is no time like the present.

Artile 61 Magna Carta - Fight for justice UK

Anyone in their right mind has no trust in government, the political syste<brm is and our democracy is at state.  The establishment comprises of a subverted,  self-serving capitalist agenda that makes the kleptocrats and corporations richer whilst riding roughshod over civilian rights.  Access to justice is denied and hearings are only rigged in favour of other members or affiliates of the capitalist cabal. he government has systematically failed to respect the  constitutional rights of people which is as defined by Common Law.

Time to invoke Article 61:

Whilst some of the original laws of the Magna Carta have been amended or repealed, Article 61 stands in full force in common law.  Article 61 is a treaty for the people and it can only be repealed by the people.

The UK establishment and the courts that are being controlled and influenced politically have failed us all. Officers under the crown and MPs have failed to perform on their constitutional and sovereign duties and no longer act according to their Parliamentary oaths, they violate the laws they swear to uphold and fail to act it the interests of their constituents.  They were employed and elected by the people to act for them, yet wilfully fail to do so. 

The corrupt establishment has vandalised our constitution and have violated our civilian rights in too many ways to list, from the mindless malfeasance of austerity cuts to the essential services, the NHS, Police and the Councils that provide the local infrastructure through to the justice system that is supposed to protect the people from tyranny and provide justice. 

It is the ones at the top, Buckland MP, Burnett and others that must be held directly and personally to account, concealing flagrant human rights abuses, paedophilia in power and weaponizing our courts as asset stripping places of injustice designed to line pockets of deceitful predatory lawyers and corrupt corporations. 

The ones at Number 10 and in Parliament know what is going on but do nothing but conceal and run along with the malfeasance, they must all be held to account and we, the people can make it happen.

Withholding tax legally:

We, the taxpayers are feeding the tyrants, we can legally take away their food.

 Article 61 of the Magna Carta states how that all taxpayers have a legal right ,since 1215 to withhold tax payments from the Treasury.  Because the Magna Carta was nt created by Parliament, no government can lawfully repeal any of the articles within it without public consent. In 1297 Parliament passed the Parliament Act which in-short, was an edited version of the 1215 Magna Carta.

Article 61 and anything that related to lawful rebellion was removed and establishment propagandists have since attempted to make it function as a replacement for the Magna Carta. 

The laws of the constitution, the founding principles of our laws that we, the people all have as a birthright gift are not subject to degradation or diminishment, when new acts or charters conflict with existing articles, those new acts and charters then become unlawful and are, essentially, void, they cease to exist from the outset.  They cannot undo the foundations of our laws and our constitution.

Article 61 Magna Carta

Freedom of the press is a thing of the past, the people are subject to wholesale falsifications, manipulations and lies, propagated by the corrupt controlled media. Reality and truth is concealed.   Stop reading the filth, stop buying the papers and feeding the tyranny, do not go to their websites, do not watch the BBC, let’s focus on the things that matter, the truth, the justice and action.   We can make our future, by learning from the past, now is the time people, we elected these traitors, it is only us that can act to remove them.  Let’s start the revolution and let’s make history, our own news, that our future generations can read and be proud of. 

Please do your bit, spread far and wide, let’s build our army and oust the establishment.

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